Face Painting

Face Painting

Both basic and advanced face painters to fit any event and any budget – or reserve a Painter/Twister artist for more services and twice the fun…

Basic Rates

Face Painters and Painter/Twisters

Designed for school carnivals, non-profit events, parties with younger kids, or any event with lots of kids to get through in a short amount of time…

“Pro Basic” face painters and Painter/Twisters are talented Phoenix and Tucson area artists who come with a menu of 15-20 basic half-face and full-face designs (both boy and girl oriented) to choose from. Good basic fun for the kiddos at your party!

See our standard “Pro Basic Painter” design sheets:

Click on the photo to see the full image.

Plus Rates

Face Painters and Painter/Twisters

Great for private parties, corporate events, parties with older kids or adults, or when really impressing your guests is the goal…

“Pro PLUS” face painters and Painter/Twisters are highly talented long-time Phoenix and Tucson area artists who are some of the very best entertainers in town – they will come with whole books of 50+ advanced designs to choose from, and even just take requests!

Designs typical of our “Pro PLUS” Face Painters:

Click on the photo to see the full image.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Totally a fantastic experience. They were prompt, professional, and easy to work with. Highly recommend to anyone needing services.”

Anna R. - Multiple artists for a company picnic

“Lindsay was great very nice and the kids loved her!”

Anna A. - Basic face painting & balloon twisting combo for a private party

“Thank you so much for working with us yesterday! We loved the challah crowns you put together. Totally made our event!”

Chana A. - Balloon twisting for a local banquet

Also check out our Texas & Colorado face painting teams!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Face Painting

How safe is your face paint? What brands or types do your artists use?

We use only the best-quality professional face paint brands – most commonly that means Paradise/Mehron, Wolfe, GlitterFX, Ben Nye, and Snazaroo brand cakes. All are hypo-allerginic and completely safe for the skin! In 20 years we have never had a problem with skin reactions. If parents are worried about reactions for their children with very sensitive skin, then we recommend doing a hand or arm-paint instead of the face. Face paint designs wash off easily with a little soap and warm water.

How long does it take to paint each face?

Most face paint designs take 3-6 minutes each, depending on the simplicity or complexity of designs. Basic or Plus artists can each cover 15-25 designs per hour depending on the complexity. For events where tons of kiddos are present, we recommend a basic artist and that they bring only 6-8 extra-simple designs options to choose from to get as many little ones through as possible during their given time frame. Communicate with your face painter at your event to let them know what the expectation is for how quickly they should move – or alternately, if they can take extra time on each design to make them extra-cool!

What about painting hands or arms or bodies? Can adults get in on the fun too?

We paint designs on hands and arms and legs all the time. Any of our designs can be painted anywhere on the body — even on pregnant bellies or bald heads! In fact, painting on an arm or leg, where there is more space to work on, allows for bigger, bolder design-work. Face panting is not just for the kids – adults can always get in on the fun too – our “Plus” face painters are often booked for adults-only parties and events…

How does a Painter/Twister artist manage their time during an event?

Our painter/twister artists bring BOTH their face painting table AND their balloon bag, and then move back-and-forth between the two depending on what the kids want. Another common approach is that they will start with one service for half the time, then move the the other service for the remaining time. Depending on the type of party or event, how many kids are present, and how much time they have to work with, our Painter/Twister artist will do their best to manage their time wisely, fit in some of both services, and cover as much ground as possible!

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